Charlene Malburn

Charlene is a certified personal trainer and health coach with the American Council on Exercise since 2011. She also holds several specializations; including: Senior Fitness Specialist, Behavior Coach Specialist, and Functional Movement, level one, certified. Her background experience with exercise is in endurance-based pursuits such as triathlon, duathlon, half marathon distance races, bootcamp and yoga.

She had a long road to becoming a trainer; having at one point been termed “morbidly obese” by her physician. After reaching a weight loss goal of 92 lbs., and training for a triathlon, she went to a vocational school to study and prepare for certification. She now resides in Gales Ferry with her husband, Brian and their cat Miss Lily. In her spare time she is an avid fan of trail walking, strength training, reading and organic gardening.

American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise Health Coach